Our Mission

100% renewable forever in perpetuity. This photo is part of a carefully planned selection harvest and represents all 4 tenets of the American tree farm system; wood, water, recreation, and wildlife. I like to add one more, education. Look around at all the things in your home made of wood? Most of it grew right here in the USA. And if our family woodland does not remain profitable then it will end up changing hands (sold), then probably subdivided for houses. I hope it never happens on my watch.

“wood is a crop, forestry is tree farming

~Gifford Pinchot, First chief of the USDA Forest Service.

Adam Bump, Biologist, stands on a Tulip Tree stump that is stump re-sprouting just 1 year after harvest. This form of natural re-generation is vital to Ohio hardwood forests. The only way to kill a hardwood forest is pave it or mow it…

No Cash / No Conservation

Family forest owners stand on the front lines of conservation in Ohio. 92% of Ohio forests are privately owned, financial success is the only way for them to continue that conservation. Failure of these family farms will mean the continued fragmentation of the landscape and the resulting destruction of critical wildlife habitat. Want to learn more? Join us for conservation education on a certified family forest in Ohio.

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